The Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota is a 501 (C) (6) non-profit membership organization established in 2011 and with the purpose to provide valuable education safety training services for Hispanics and other minorities working in construction in the state of Minnesota. The HCAMN promotes cultural pride, safe working conditions, integrity and professionalism with its members.

Remember that OSHA requires employees to be trained in a manner and language they can understand.  No other Latino organization in Minnesota has a board with over 100 years of combined construction related experience.  Some of our board members have worked for: MN-DOT, MN Department of Labor & Industry, MN-OSHA Compliance Division and the largest construction company in MN.  Additionally the HCA-MN is also the only Latino organization in Minnesota that promotes workplace safety among it’s members and in our Latino construction community in MN.

The Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota (HCA-MN) is in support of equity and non-discrimination construction work conditions in the construction industry. We are an organization that implements good faith efforts to benefit and support union and non-union organizations that have the best interest of the Hispanic construction community.  Our initiatives are not based on union or non-union objectives or issues but are rather based on the Hispanic construction community’s well-being and economic growth.  Our interest encourages the improvement of the under-served and under-represented group’s lives and protection of their federal right to have a workplace free of recognized health & safety hazards, standards/non-discrimination in the workplace.  The HCA-MN has union and non-union contractors and individual members as well as sponsors, and for that reason we are neither against nor in favor of unions.


The HCAMN Mission is to provide educational safety training to Hispanics and other minorities in the construction industry in Minnesota.


The Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota sees the need to help prepare the growing Hispanic Construction Community in Minnesota with the tools necessary to seize and succeed at new business opportunities. The HCAMN believes that, like any other group, Hispanics and minorities must understand and practice the necessary current safety requirements in order to work safely in the construction industry. As a result, we have established our safety training programs in both Spanish and English.