Leapfrog English Learning “Sed de Saber” Construction Edition

LeapfrogThe Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota is giving a (leapfrog English learning “Sed de Saber” construction edition) program to all new HCA-MN contractor members for free. The program will help Hispanic workers with Limited English Proficiency to learn English related to the construction industry.

Sed de Saber™-Construction Edition is an English-as-a- Second-Language (ESL) tool targeted to Spanish-speakers in the construction industry in an effort to promote a more skilled, safer workforce, improve quality and reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities. The system uses an interactive LeapFrog Quantum Pad™ with seven books and corresponding mini cassettes that teach 500 words and 340 phrases through visual and auditory methodologies, combined with recall and repetition. Developed by a group of industry professionals, Sed de Saber™-Construction Edition meets standards of adult assessment systems approved and validated by the Department of Education and the Department of Labor. Sed de Saber™-Construction Edition was developed in response to serious concerns related to job site safety in the industry, including: Construction is the second largest employer of Spanish-speakers in the U.S. OSHA estimates 25 percent of accidents are attributable to the language barrier. Injured workers are sidelined an average of 33 days per year.

MN-OSHA translated some of their documents into Spanish

The Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota and with the support of Minnesota Senator Patricia Torres-Ray as well as the support of the founder and former president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota Val Vargas, were able to convinced Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Ken Peterson of the need for translating MN-OSHA Compliance and Consultations Division’s documents from English to Spanish to better serve the ever growing Hispanic construction community in Minnesota and some of those documents can be found here.

MN Department of Labor & Industry, Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council.

The Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota Founder and President Pedro López has been appointed by the MN Department of Labor & Industry Commissioner Ken Peterson to the Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council.  This is a two year appointment that will start on Feb 7 of 2014.  Mr. Lopez will proudly represent the Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota as well as the Hispanic construction community in Minnesota.